The goal of wordy5 is to find five 5-letter words in the letter grid by connecting neighboring letters up, down, left or right.

There are five initial colored squares. Each one belongs to a different word. Form the word WHITE by connecting letters in order.

Look how MEDAL is formed by connecting squares in a different order.

To clear a word you have formed, double tap or double click on top of the colored word and that colored path will clear.

Every word you form must contain one of the initial colored squares. For example, you can't use the word TEMPO because it doesn't contain a colored square.

When all squares are part of a five-letter word, choose Submit to see if you have solved the puzzle.

Words cannot overlap and you cannot reuse squares. You earn stars based on the fewest number of word guesses.

To find detailed instructions about game play, select  at the top of the screen.